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Hay United is a global reseller of e-codes and direct TopUps for over 100 countries.

We offer a wide range of TopUps for Mobile Phone,
Gaming, Entertainment, Gift and Prepaid Credit Cards.

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Hay United works with the most popular Mobile TopUp, Entertainment, Gaming, Giftcard and Prepaid Credit Card providers.


Our Products

Mobile TopUp

We offer both National and International TopUp (IMTU). IMTU allows your customers to send credit to the prepaid mobile phones of friends and family overseas. The transfer is fast, secure, and the value is transferred immediately…


Hay United is a premium supplier to independent e-tailors and retailers. We offer our e-tailers and retailers a wide range of entertainment gift cards to suit almost anyone.


Hay United sells gaming e-codes for all popular game consoles like Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo.

Gift Cards

Hay-United sells local gift e-codes for The Netherlands, UK and USA. Giftcards are the ideal gift according to your customers, so start selling giftcards today.

Prepaid Creditcards

Prepaid credit cards provide a more convenient and safer way to pay than conventional credit cards. Hay United sells prepaid credit cards for the Dutch and French market, so you can offer your customers the benefits of a credit card.

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